Piano Lessons

Piano is the most popular beginning instrument for the young and young at heart musician. All styles from classical to jazz and pop are being offered to students of all ages and abilities, be they beginners or very advanced. We have wide range of students: students who want to play just for fun, students who excel with the Royal School of Music curriculum or students who need to prepare for a career in music. Since we have many teachers on the faculty we are able to match students with a teacher that works best with their particular age, ability and interest.

Beginning with the natural hand/arm technique, students at ISM learn solid basic technique (correct position, finger dexterity, flexibility, and more) without unwanted bodily stress. Students also learn the rudiments of music: sight reading, rhythmic notation, meter, and harmony. Since the piano allows for highly diverse methodologies and repertoire, music can be carefully selected to match the needs and strengths of each student. Memorization, theory, practicing skills, musicality, and self-listening are taught from the first lesson. For older more advanced students, our lessons focus on musical clarity and power, technical facility, the development of a large tonal palate, and an understanding of musical structure. Students continue to expand their knowledge of repertoire from Baroque to 20th century composers, while searching for their own voice through interpretation.

In addition to numerous performance opportunities throughout the academic year, students have also opportunities to participate in small ensembles if interested. Additionally, end-of-year performance evaluations are available, which allows students to demonstrate their level of proficiency.

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  • Engaging, creative & fun lessons
  • Over 100 nurturing, experienced world-class instructors
  • Choose from classical, jazz, pop, rock, folk, etc.
  • Lessons in all instruments & voice for all ages & levels
  • Customized lessons for your individual musical goals
  • Fun performance opportunities
  • Optional Certificate preparations
  • Charting students' progress through written evaluations
  • Convenient & flexible lesson times to fit your busy schedule
  • Ability to schedule family members simultaneously
  • Free professional concert series
  • Program Coordinators available to guide you & assist you
  • Ensembles & band opportunities
  • Professional accompanist provided for students